Jerry Mathers Net Worth, Age, Bio, Height, Wife

Jerry Mathers Net Worth, Age, Bio, Height, Wife

Jerry Mathers Net Worth

Gerald Patrick Mathers highly influential well-known is American television, film, and stage actor, Jerry Mathers Net Worth approximated around 4M dollars, and mostly known for his remarkable roles such as,” Leave it to Beaver” Theodore “Beaver” The Adventures of “Ozzie and Harriet” General Electric” Theater” Lassie “ The War at Home” and My Three Sons, diversity of roles led to successful career which resulted Jerry Mathers largely Net Worth. 

As a child star, his journey in life started from earning sources from which selected on the big screen included, This is My Love, The Troubles with Harry, The Shadow On the Window, The Deep Six, Better Luck Tomorrow, and Sundance Film Festival Award winners are huge generators for Jerry’s net worth, and has been a national spokesperson of PhaRMA and a partnership member for Prescription Assistance organizations, such as People Magazine as most popular known in the individual television history.

Real Estate & Income sources

How much did Jerry Mathers net worth assets achieve at an early age? Jerry’s advertising, early movies, television series, as a commercial loan officer, military services, magazines, significant roles, membership, and all these assets make him the richest personality.

After completing his education, he served in the United States Air Force Reserve and also earned the average monthly salary later at the rank of Sergeant and achieved extensive wealth and also worked as a Commercial loan officer in the Bank earning largely money. Carl Thomas Dean Net Worth

Another distinguished movie “Still the Beaver” is one of the major top ten movies that led to successful net worth achieved international recognition in Hollywood and played the significant role of Baron Hardup in the theatrical beginning of Cinderella Panto, produced by the family.


Well-renowned actor, real name Garel Patrick Mathers was born in Sioux City Iowa, and grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles California United States, his parents played an extremely significant role in becoming an actor his father Norma was a principal of the high school and after became a school district executive in Los Angeles, and mother Marilyn also a major roleplay in acting career.

A child star in the early phase of his age, get several roles on Television shows his first movie launched in 1957 with the famous American actress Linda Darnell (“ The Is My Love) and then caught the attention of Alfred Hitchcock who was one of the most influential directors English movies mark him for The Trouble With Harry film in 1955. David Choe

The first step of my acting career began with the Pet Condensed Milk, commercial with legendary comedy actor “Ed Wynn. such another movie “ The Seven Little Foys with James Cagney and other movies included That Certain Feeling, The Deep Six, and Men of the Fighting Lady.

Jerry Mathers Net Worth, Age, Bio, Height, Wife

Age, Height, Weight

  • Age: 75 years old
  • height: 5 Feet 8 inches
  • Weight: 80Kg
  • Body Measurements: Unknown
  • Ethnicity: Christian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Body Type: Normal
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown hair
  • Eyes Colour: Brown eyes

Who is Jerry Mathers Wife?

A beloved figure in the entertainment world first married his college life girlfriend Diana Platt in 1974 with no children and marriage relationship don’t long time and unfortunately divorced in 1981. The second time has married Rhonda Gehring, who was from Twas City, and the first time in the tour” So Long Stanley” Their relationship too strong with mutual love, and remaining their connection they married after a few years,

and they shared three children named, Noah, Mercedes, and Gretchen as well this relationship also ended after 14 years, and Jerry third times married Teresa Modnick in 2011, who built a good relationship with her husband, and the couple lived happy life with one another in Huntington Beach.


As a child star, started his career in the acting industry at the age of two years when flaunted himself with a Pet Condensed Milk, more others appeared in various early movies included,” This is My Love” “Men of the Fighting Lad”y and The Troubles with Harry, Jerry’s at the age of four played the character with the unique brand capability in the Comedy western film “Son of Paleface and” The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, while if you’re lover for watching movies you can select the various app like Amazon prime Video, Netflix and HITV.

 from which achieved international recognition and became a child actor with a specific rate of merchandising revenue in television history., named Beaver and Trappers. he was also been the leader of the musical band At the end of “ Leave it to Beaver,” he recorded two songs, Don’t Cha Cry and Wind Up Toy, In 1996 the duration of School, Jerry joined the United States Air Forces Reserve, continually served in the military force.

Jerry Mathers Net Worth, Age, Bio, Height, Wife

, In 1957,” Leave it to Beaver” became one of the most influential top episodes, which entered the hearts of American audiences and homes, airing in 80 centuries and approximately 40 languages, profession, have also remained friends alongside Barbara Billingsley who portrayed his mother on the television show, after “Leave it to Beaver finishing took a expanded break from acting period,

finally emerged at the rank of sergeant, later achieved the rank of sergeant, moved to higher education, and entered the University of California Berkeley from which received a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy. After the finished study of graduation joined the  Bank worked as a commercial loan officer and also ventured into the real estate business.

In 1978, eventually returned to acting with his cast mate friend Tony Dow in” Boing Boing” drama, where co-stars made a fantasy movie for television with the help of two friends who appeared in “The Girl the Gold Watch.


As such his theater credits involving Ozzie and Harriet, Match Game, Down the Drain, Saturday Night Live, The Love Boat, Colgate Comedy Hour, December Bridge, and many others, similarly also titled for famous movie credits such as This is My Love, with legendary American actress Linda Darnell, The Seven Little Foys, with the guided of Bob Hope and That Certain Feeling also with Bob Hope The Deep Six, Men of the Fighting Lady and Luckday immensely fantasy movie of his career.


A beloved figure famous for his unique flourish the unforgotten” Beaver Cleaver” a character that left a lasting impression on American television history, Jerry was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes high blood pressure, and poor cholesterol, when he owned a Catering Company and sold out his catering business, on the advice of doctors, enrolled himself in a Jenny Craig weight and lost his weight around of 30 kg, started regular walking 4-8 miles per day and changed his eating habits.

As well as broad awareness and having diverse experiences about the diagnosis alert the individual with the early diagnosis, diet, exercise, and the proper treatment of diagnosis, later as a served spokesperson and became the most prominent partner of the American Diabetes Association.


How much was Jerry Mathers paid for Leave It to Beaver?

During the 1950s Jerry achieved $500 per episode and portrayed a remarkable character Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver who led to the international journey.

Does Jerry Mathers have any children?

A remained long relationship with his second wife  Rhonda Gehring, and they welcomed three kids named,: Noah, Mercedes, and Gretchen.

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