Jim Skrip Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Career

Jim Skrip Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Career

Jim Skrip Net Worth

Jim Skrip is a famous American real estate agent, accountant, and business personality from the United States, and also thoughts coming to the audience like how much Jim Skrip net worth is around $ 10 million, and his average salary ranges from $34,408 to $71 138, and his wife Vanessa’s outstanding net worth $28 million.

He has earned a lot of money through his business and accounting profession. However, the entrepreneur’s wealth has increased dominantly owing to his profitable real estate investments. According to some sources, the ideal base pay for a real estate agent is $88.559 per annum.

Indeed, he also grossed his status as the Director of Finance and operations at the Harvey School. His prime source of wealth is entrepreneurship. He accomplished worth Because of his wife Vanessa.

Vanessa is well-renowned as an actress, Dancer, singer, and model who has a significant net worth around of $28 million because of her different professions in which earns a huge amount. she serves as a TV show producer with a salary of$100.00  after each episode, shortly their net worth will be $40 million. Robert Jeffress Net Worth


Jim Skrip was born in Buffalo New York on the 1st January 1960. He grew up in a very sensitive environment.  His parents Jim and his mother Annette J. Skrip played an important role in becoming an actor. His sun sign is Capricorn and as now 62 years old. He is Caucasian race and maintains an American nationality. Along with, his passion for the Christian religion.

Jim Skrip Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Career


 Jim Skrip attended his education at the University of St. Bonaventure, a particular institution in Allegany New York. After achieving an accounting certificate in i1984.Then he moved Dellas’ textas to the job at Arthur Andersen in the company’s public accounting department.   His interest in accountancy, that,s why today he is well known as a successful personality.

Wife & Girlfriend

 Interestingly, firstly they met in Egypt in 2012, and they were both on vacation in the summer. At the time, Vanessa was on a journey to Egypt with her daughter from her second previous marriage Sasha, on the other hand, he was traveling alone. What was fascinating was when she drew the map of his T-shirt in her mind she found that was from her mother’s Hometown of Bafflo.

 marriage was in 1987 to Roman Harvey they shared 3 kids and ten years later, they divorced in 1997 as a result of personal reasons. Then after identification, Vanessa invited him to a dinner party at her home. They shared circumstances and interesting aspects, which their growing up in the same Buffalo New York. After three hours of discussion, they moved Toward a dating relationship. Nigo Net Worth


Eventually, Jim was enraptured by Vanissa’s charmingness. Later 2 years they engaged and then married. she declared her engagement to him on “TheQueenLatifah Play “. whether the ring was delineated by Bomi a Bafflo predicated jewelry designer. Vanessa has flaunted her love, affection, and romantic movements for him on different social Gettering groups and social networks. Along with relation to Skrip, she acclaimed that she made an exemplary recognition in her personal life.


Jim Skrip and Vanessa Williams after a good relationship, married on 4 July 2015 at St.StainlauChurch a Polish church in Depho Bafflo. On the occasion of marriage, they invite the nearest family members and closest entrepreneurs friend were there. At her marriage, she was dressed V-neck Pamella Roland gown, with a pink belt and waist looking wonderful as a Bridle. On the other hand, he was also dressed in a black pantsuit with an amazing pink ti.

Height Weight & Age

Jim is a very attractive and well,n dressed and well-looking personality on different social platforms and catches from the physical appearance of his lover’s followers and listeners. He stands a good height of 5 feet 9 inches. His physique weight is 69 kg (153 Ibs) His hair  Is shining, black in color, and his eyes are deep. Such as his shoe size 8.5. Shortly, he is the whole body structure  Fascinating stunning, and charming person.

Social Media Accounts

Jim Skrip likes to share his photos videos and posts on Facebook Instagram, Twitter, and many more. He incessantly, he often shares his activities on social platforms to attract his audiences. He is a very popular personality and is widely followed on social media sites. He is mostly famous for his wife Vanessa Williams.On the other hand, his wife very active personality on various major platforms as well as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. She often shares her posts and photos on Instagram.


Jim Skrip is a real estate agent and an entrepreneur in the United States of America. After achieving success, he has also worked as an accountant in many other agencies. More than that, Vanessa Williams is a well-liked personality in dancing modeling, and acting. He worked as an assistant controller in a real estate agency. while he has also been a chief financial officer in a software company.

After too much hard work, he has become a successful businessman in real estate and account management. After gaining fame in real estate, presently he has an authoritative Director of finance and operation at an institution named The Harvy Shool’. After marrying Vanessa Williams widely known as a singer, actress, dancer, and modelling

has become a prominent figure in the entertainment field. She was the first  African American woman to be crowned A miss America in 1933. More interesting, she has also achieved a selection for the” Ammy Grammys and Tony Awards.”More than her first album “The Right Stuff” in 1988, which is one of the Hot Dances songs chart.

 Her second studio album “The Comfort Zone” was introduced at number one on the BillboardR&B album chart in 1991 and concretely the Billboard Hot 100 number one hit Save The Best for Last “.In 1994, she made her wide-way debut in the musical Kiss in the Spider Woman.


Further detailed about her, Colores of the Wind has won the Academy Award because of Best Original Song to a Disney Animated Feature Film Pochnotas and higher at no.4  on the Billboard 100. In short, she is a distinguished woman, who has earned a collection of money from her different sources, such as dancers Actors, Models, and producers.


How much money is Vanessa Williams worth?

The diversity of popularity Vanessa Williams as an actress Singer, Model, and director earned an impressive Net worth.

How old is Vanessa William’s husband Jim Skrip?

Jim Skrip is 69 years old as of now.

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