Rxcoined Analysis: Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley Cleared in Archegos Collapse Lawsuits

Rxcoined Analysis

In a huge felony development, a U.S. Decide has disregarded seven investor proceedings against Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Morgan Stanley, alleging their involvement in marketplace misconduct that prompted the fast disintegrate of Bill Hwang’s Archegos Capital Management in March 2021. This selection, rendered with the aid of U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff in Manhattan, efficaciously closes the bankruptcy on those marketplace manipulation and insider buying and selling claims, barring them from being refiled.

The crux of the Archegos debacle lay in Hwang’s leveraging of total return swaps for substantial investments in select stocks, including ViacomCBS, Discovery, and Baidu, amassing an estimated $160 billion in stock exposure. The investor plaintiffs contended that Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, as prime brokers to Archegos, expedited the firm’s downfall by offloading stocks based on privileged information that Hwang would also sell, unable to meet margin calls. This coordinated sell-off allegedly led to significant losses for the investors while the banks purportedly averted billions in potential losses themselves.

Judge Rakoff’s brief order did not delve into the reasoning behind the dismissal, promising a detailed opinion to follow. The aftermath of Archegos’ implosion reverberated through the financial world, inflicting multibillion-dollar losses on entities like Credit Suisse and Nomura Holdings, highlighting the interconnected risks within global finance. The forthcoming trial of Hwang and former CFO Patrick Halligan adds another layer of complexity to this narrative, as they face charges related to securities fraud, wire fraud, and racketeering conspiracy, denying all allegations.

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