The Top Affiliate Programs Every Blogger Should Know in 2024

The Top Affiliate Programs Every Blogger Should Know in 2024

Are you a blogger looking to monetize your passion and content in the coming year? Affiliate marketing remains one of the most lucrative and accessible revenue streams for online creators. By promoting products or services you genuinely love, you can turn your blog into a thriving business.

But with countless affiliate programs for bloggers out there, it can be overwhelming to find the right fit for your niche and audience. As someone who has built a full-time income through affiliate partnerships, I want to share the top programs that I believe every blogger should have on their radar in 2024.

Amazon Associates 

Let’s start with the 800-pound gorilla of affiliate marketing – Amazon Associates. As the largest e-commerce platform in the world, Amazon offers an unparalleled selection of products to promote across virtually every category imaginable. 

The beauty of Amazon Associates is its universal appeal and ease of use. No matter what niche you blog about, chances are you can find relevant products to recommend to your readers. The commissions may not be the highest, but the sheer volume and variety make up for it.

One strategy I’ve found effective is creating product roundups or gift guides featuring your top Amazon picks. Readers trust bloggers’ recommendations, so showcasing the best options with your unique insights can drive significant sales.


For bloggers looking to diversify beyond Amazon, ShareASale is an excellent affiliate network to join. With over 4,500 merchants across various categories, ShareASale offers a wide range of products and services to promote.

What sets ShareASale apart is its high-quality merchants and robust tracking capabilities. You can easily find reputable brands that align with your blog’s focus, from fashion and beauty to home goods and software. Plus, the detailed reporting allows you to optimize your campaigns for maximum conversions.

One hidden gem within ShareASale is the “Merchant Recommendations” feature. Based on your website’s content, ShareASale will suggest relevant merchants to partner with, saving you time on research.


If you want to streamline your affiliate marketing efforts, Skimlinks is a must-have tool. Rather than joining multiple programs individually, Skimlinks allows you to access over 48,500 merchants through a single platform.

The beauty of Skimlinks is its seamless integration. Once you install the Skimlinks code on your blog, it automatically converts any product links into affiliate links. This means you can monetize your content without disrupting your writing flow or worrying about specific affiliate partnerships.

Skimlinks is particularly valuable for bloggers who frequently mention products or brands without an explicit promotional intent. The automated linking ensures you never miss an opportunity to earn commissions from your recommendations.

Coursera Affiliate Program

As online learning continues to surge, promoting educational courses can be highly profitable for bloggers. Coursera, one of the largest online course platforms, offers an attractive affiliate program with competitive commissions.

If your blog focuses on personal development, career growth, or specific skills, partnering with Coursera is a natural fit. You can recommend courses or specializations that genuinely benefit your audience while earning up to 45% commissions on each sale.

To maximize your Coursera earnings, consider writing detailed course reviews, sharing your learning experiences, or even creating a resource page with your top course picks. The more authentic and informative your promotions, the more likely readers are to enroll through your affiliate links.

Bluehost Affiliate Program 

For bloggers in tech, web hosting, or online business niches, the Bluehost affiliate program is a goldmine. As one of the most popular web hosting providers, Bluehost offers generous commissions and a high conversion rate.

Bluehost’s affiliate program pays $65 per sale, which is significantly higher than many other hosting affiliates. Plus, their user-friendly platform and reliable service make it easy to genuinely recommend to your audience.

One effective strategy is creating a step-by-step tutorial on starting a blog or website using Bluehost. By walking readers through the process and showcasing the benefits, you can earn substantial commissions while providing valuable content.

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Concluding Thoughts

These top affiliate programs for bloggers merely scratch the surface of the opportunities available to bloggers in 2024. The key is to find products or services that authentically align with your content and provide genuine value to your readers.

By diversifying your affiliate partnerships, creating informative content, and prioritizing your audience’s needs, you can turn your blog into a thriving business powered by passive income. As you explore these top programs and beyond, remember that the most successful affiliate marketers are those who build trust and credibility with their readers.

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