Is RCN Internet Good for Gaming?

RCN Internet

Are you a hardcore gamer? Do you love playing games but are unable to do so because of a sluggish internet connection? Are you confused about whether you should choose RCN Internet or not for your gaming needs?

Then do not worry just give this blog a good read to find out whether gamers should choose Astound Broadband by RCN Internet or not. In this, we will shed light on its internet services and speed tiers. So, let’s get started!   

Importance of Speed for Gamers?

If you are a gaming freak then you must have a clear idea about the importance of internet speed. The mere reason is that your internet speed determines the quality of your internet connection. Simply put, the greater the Mbps the faster your data will travel from your gaming console to the server.

In general, the minimum internet speed that is required for gaming is 25 Mbps. So, you need to ensure that you have a speed tier that can support your gaming needs.

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RCN Internet: Just What You Need

Astound Broadband by RCN is a popular internet service provider that offers quality internet services across six states of the country. It greatly covers major places in Massachusetts, Illinois, and the District of Columbia. It offers excellent quality internet services over an advanced fiber-optic cable network, so its users get to enjoy high-speed internet connection.

In addition, the provider doesn’t impose any annual contract, so you can subscribe to its internet services without being locked into any agreement.

RCN Broadband Packages

As a gaming freak, you should understand your internet usage and how many devices use your internet connection and then choose an internet plan that offers the speed you need and suits your budget too. RCN Internet takes pride in offering several internet plans that are listed below.

If you are interested in knowing more about its internet plans then please reach out to its customer support team.

Internet PlanPriceFeatures
600 Mbps$35 per month    With this plan, you get a reliable connection with unlimited data, that is perfect for streaming, playing games, and so much more. Offers higher bandwidth so you can easily connect several devices at one time.  
940 Mbps$50 per month  With this plan, you can connect multiple devices at one time and enjoy a steady internet connection.  It offers unlimited data with this plan so you can enjoy unlimited data for the entire month.
1200 Mbps$60 per month  It offers great bandwidth, so everyone can enjoy the internet and play games without any hassle.  This plan is for your entire family members and everyone can connect as many devices as they want to and use the internet seamlessly.  

Please keep in mind that RCN Broadband reserves the right to modify its offers at any time therefore visit its official website for more information.

Top Five Reasons to Choose RCN Internet for Gaming

Below we have listed some of the convincing reasons to choose RCN Internet for gaming.

Better Security

Please know that no matter how interesting your game is! There are great chances that hackers can install viruses and malware on your devices. Thus, in no time, while you are playing your game the hacker can easily steal your data and information and corrupt your devices.

Please know that hackers are always in search of those gamers who use vulnerable networks, such as traditional cable connections. Therefore, choosing a secure and top-notch internet connection such as fiber-optic is crucial.

Low Latency and Ping Rate

Gaming freaks must have a clear idea that latency and ping rate are the major enemies of their games. The mere reason is ping and latency determine how quickly data travels and any delay between them can result in losing the entire game. But RCN Internet offers a quality fiber-optic network which is known for its higher bandwidth and low latency rate. 

Exceptional Customer Support

Please know that RCN is one of those ISPS that takes pride in offering top-notch customer support, which is vital as internet issues are likely to occur anytime. Therefore, it offers 24/7 customer support, so in case you face internet issues then you can reach out to its customer support team anytime.

Pure Fiber Internet Connection 

RCN Internet offers a high-speed internet connection, and its speeds can reach up to 1200 Mbps, which is quite amazing! In addition, it has several great speed tiers that offer blazing-fast internet connection so you can enjoy your gaming sessions like never before.

Reliable Internet Services

Astound Broadband by RCN has invested a lot of money to ensure its users get to use an advanced and pure internet connection. Therefore, it uses an advanced fiber-optic internet connection that is famous for its high speed and reliability.

The major benefit of choosing fiber technology is that it is not affected by harsh weather conditions, so your connection remains stable and steady. The major reason is that this technology is buried underground, which is not affected by external weather conditions.

In Brief

There you go! If you are a hardcore gamer we suggest you choose RCN Internet. It offers top-notch internet services and offers great speed tiers, so everyone has something to choose from. The mere reason is that a speedy internet connection can take your gaming experience to the next level. Therefore, explore all the available plans and subscribe to its services today.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Which Internet is best for gaming?

Several good internet service providers in the country are considered to be best for gaming and RCN is one of them.

  •  How fast is RCN’s internet?

RCN Internet offers fiber-backed internet service which is exceptionally fast and can offer speed tiers up to 600- 1500 Mbps. 

  • What connection is best for gaming?

Fiber internet is considered to be the best type of internet connection as it offers reliable and speedy internet connection. 

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