How and Why to Chose a Silver Watch?

Silver Watch

Choosing and pick up a watch is always a challenge to someone who wants to add some standard to his/ her own style. Today in this post we will focus on silver watches for men and women. We’ll also take a look on pros and cons of each. And finally we’ll try to guide you with our best advises to chose the best that you would you like. Are you ready to know more about this? So let’s begin.

What is a Silver Watch?

A silver watch, as its name is saying is a watch made of silver. Typically these watches are made from sterling silver 925 and some other elements as leather for example. They’re also can be garmented with some semi precious stones as cubic zircon, jade, or other like onyx and even more. 
Instead of several trademarks which are calling steel silver because of the color and the aspect of the piece, a real silver watch won’t mix metal especially with steel or iron. You will can find the “S925” – “925” or “silver925 stamp” on the wrist band bracelet or on the verso of the item. That ensures you the good quality of the metal that was used to make the watch.

Silver Watches for Women:

A silver watch as long as it is silver isn’t only a simple clock, it’s also a great jewel that will keep its value overtime and this forever. It also gives some standard and high class to the one who wears it. It’s a nice way to make some effect when you want to go to some date, party, dinner or any event also as an everyday item for office job for example.
Now that we have say that, can we try to definite a trend, or a kind of fashion that could stand for years and ages? Yes! We can of course.

Firstable you have to find a style that you like and which suits to you. Is the item can pair with your outfit? Yes? So you can get the one you like. Here are some choices of silver watches for women that you can see, and pick up.

There is an example of silver watch for women, it’s more axed on sport style but there is plenty of types.

Silver Watches for Men:

For a man, a watch should be massive and impressive. With or without gem stones, a silver watch will all the time make its effect. You could choose one with leather strip or with a full silver bracelet. Some will have a calendar on the dial, roman numbers or no numbers at all. You’ll find plenty of different styles. For most of these silver watches, they’re waterproof until 3 bars. So you still can keep it on your wrist to go to swim on swimming pool or at the beach without being worry about. Some of them are automatics, but for the most they’ll be with a quartz system and so a battery.
You can pair it with a nice bracelet on the other arm, and it could be wear with a relax suit as a jean pants and a simple t-shirt or even with a 3 pieces suit to go to a special event. That’s the magic of this kind of watches.

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How to Clean and Maintain your Watch?

There are a lot of methods and techniques to clean your silver item if it tarnishes or turn dark. That’s something very common and often sees with silver. Anyway there are two methods of cleaning at home DIY your watch.
1) Gently whip it with a soft cloth and some tooth paste, you will soon get back to the original shine.
2) Soak it 10 to 15 seconds in a bath of warm water, white vinegar and some baking soda and the result will look like magic.

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Why to Choose a Silver Watch?

Simply because you like it and want one or more of it. After this we can say that’s an investment for your future and also to keep some value without having cash with you. It’s also a great gift to make to anyone you like.

In Conclusion:

If you want to purchase a silver watch ask the vendor if the item is in silver or not. Then check if there is the S925 stamp or any other to make sure of the quality. After this you just have to let it pair and match with your outfits or other pieces of jewelry. We hope you enjoyed this post. See you guys.

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