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Bio & Wiki

Brandon Fugal is a well-known and renowned American Businessman, Entrepreneur, Chairman of Colliers International Intermountain, Owner of Skinwalker Ranch, and Tech Investor. Born on 1st April 1973 in Pleasant Grove Utah, What is the Brandon Fugal Net Worth?

When he was little, Brought up in the Church of Latter-Day Saints by his parents. In 2022 He was recognized as a Philanthropist for his Contributions to the Community by Utah Business Magazine.

Real NameBrandon Daniel Fugal
also known asBrandon Fugal
Birth Date1st April 1973
BirthplacePleasant Grove, Utah, USA
Lives inPleasant Grove, USA
Zodiac SignAries

Brandon Fugal Net Worth How does he earn?

I ever wondered how a Businessman earned his Net Worth from his Businesses throughout his complete Career. What is the Net Worth of Brandon Fugal? What are the income sources of Brandon Fugal? What is the Monthly Salary of Brandon Fugal?

He is an Estimated Net Worth of around $500 million dollars updated in 2023. and earned his Net Worth from his career by working as a Real Estate Developer, Entrepreneur, and Venture Capitalist.

Net Worth ( 2023 )$500 million dollars
Net Worth ( 2022 ) Around $400 million
Net Worth ( 2021 )Approximately $300


As a Businessman works on his own projects, Not limited work to his salary as he is a multi-millionaire, therefore he has not been limited to a monthly salary.

Income Sources

He earned his Net Worth and Income from his sources some of them of which he worked as an Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, and Businessman

From Utah Valley University, got a degree in Business management. He also describes him as a complete Business personality, he is the chairman of Colliers in Utah. He also got an international Certificate as a Coldwell Banker and Office Broker.

Age, Height, Weight, and Measurements

Age50 Years Old
Height5 Feet 8 Inches
WeightAround 80Kg
Body TypeNormal
Hair ColorBlack
Eyes Color Hazel
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Hair TypeShort
Skin ColorWhite

Who is Brandon Fugal’s Wife?

What is the wife’s name of Brandon Fugal? Who is the Wife of Brandon Fugal? Brandon Fugal married her wife whose name is Lacey Anne Fugal. She is the wife of Brandon Fugal. According to recent researchers, Brandon is known for hunting Mysterious Belongings all over the world.

Family & Siblings

Being a highly-paid businessman, Entrepreneur, and Tech investor or present on Instagram and Twitter he did not reveal any information about his Family and Siblings.

Who is Brandon Fugal?

A 50-year-old Brandon is a multi-million dollar Businessman, Entrepreneur, and tech investor who interviewed on popular TV shows, boosted her social media profile, and also his business expanded. At least his little interview was helpful for his Business.

He has a huge budget, invested in many projects, and gained increasing progress in the Real Estate business. He invested in some projects like Hospitality, Technology, Real Estate, and Health Care. Also gave the money budget to some big companies such as Ultra Valley University Education and Ultra Technology Council.

How has Brandon Fugal spent his wealth?

Does Brandon have his Private jet and Cars? Brandon Fugal has spent his particular investment to buy some Luxury cars including Jagures, Lamborginies, MBs, and Porsches, Also He has his own private jet for the purpose of travelling and Business.

Also with his wife, He travels in his jet, and he has his own Arnold Schwarzenegger jacket from the movie Superman. He has owned 200 hundred plus projects where he has invested and now is earning. He is involved in some Charity things like he donates some money to cancer Institutes.

The Deal with History Channel

How does Brandon deal with History Channel to get benefits and increase his income? In the end, the History Channel made a deal with Brandon to make a show on the Ranch and of the Course. Fugal is the main point of this channel. He made this deal that this channel would pay him a number of dollars for this work.

Brandon Fugal Net Worth (2023), Bio, Age, Wife, and Family in room


In his complete career, he gained a huge income, Earnings, and reputation. Before becoming a Vice president, he worked as a senior associate at Ellis or Wallace associate. A Company merged with Colliers International where he worked as a Chairman.

It is a very considerable thing to take Brandon Faugal seriously in his personal projects, from which he gets a little amount that also increases his Net worth. These days in 2023 he reached out to around $500 million dollars.

He is also a speaker and manager to maintains his properties. A Strategic advisor at Xenter Inc., Manager at Evermore Park Investments, Co-founder and board member at Texas Growth Fund, owner of Adamantium Real Estate, and An advisor at Jupm by Limitless Flight.

At this time he is a successful Businessman, running many projects, and donating money to cancer-needy people.


  1. Entrepreneur of the year by utah valley business magazine (2017)
  2. Appointed as a Governer’s Economic Council (2018)
  3. One of the Utah business magazine CEOs (2020)

Social Media account links

Instagram@brandonfugal (21.3k) Follower
Twitter@BrandonFugal (81.4k) Follower
FacebookSoon Updated

Top 10 Interesting Facts

  • His Real name is Brandon Daniel Fugal.
  • He is the owner of the famous Skin Walker Ranch.
  • He has approximately four children but still hasn’t revealed his personal life.
  • He likes Cricket matches and goes regularly to the stadium to see the Cricket.
  • He also has Luxury Cars and owns his own Jet.
  • He is well known on the History Channel reality series for his appearance.
  • Brandon Fugal was born on 1st April 1973.
  • He has married, and his wife named is Lacey Anne Fugal
  • He donated money to cancer institutes.
  • His wife is also interested in high-tech discoveries and related things.


What is the Net Worth of Brandon Fugal?

He has estimated Net Worth is around $500 million dollars.

What are the Income Sources of Brandon Fugal?

He has multiple income sources like Entrepreneur, History Channel and others

Who is the Wife of Brandon Fugal?

Brandon Fugal married his wife, named Lacey Anne Fugal

What is the Age of Brandon Fugal?

He was born 1st of April and his age is around 50 years old.

Who is the Father and Mother of Brandon Fugal?

Still, he kept his personal life private and did not express his parent’s name.

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