Best Electric SUPs: 2024’s Top 7 Picks

Best Electric SUPs

As we glide into 2024, the allure of stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) continues to captivate enthusiasts around the globe. This engaging sport, blending the tranquility of floating on water with the exhilaration of surfing, has evolved with a thrilling twist: the advent of electric SUPs. As this sport gains waves of popularity, are you, too, on the lookout for the perfect electric SUP but feeling a bit lost in the sea of options? Fret not! Our guide to the top 7 best electric SUPs in 2024 is here to buoy you up. Dive in with us to find your ideal match and elevate your paddle boarding adventures!

1. Boost Surfing’s Boost Fin

Elevate your paddle boarding experience with the Boost Surfing’s Boost Fin. This innovative accessory, available for an accessible $499, effortlessly transforms your standard paddle boards into dynamic, high-speed motorized paddle boards. Imagine harnessing the equivalent power of 15 rowers, providing a formidable 20 pounds of thrust and reaching speeds of up to 10 mph. The ease of installation is remarkable, requiring only five minutes to set up, ensuring that your time is spent on the waves, not on prep.

Lightweight at just 2.7 lbs, the Boost Fin integrates seamlessly with your board, maintaining the natural feel of your ride. Its robust, shock-resistant construction is tailor-made for the challenges of the water, and the user-friendly remote control gives you complete command over your pace. With a potent Li-ion 3500 mAh battery and 800W of power, the Boost Fin offers a battery life of 60–90 minutes, balancing power and efficiency in a way that maximizes your time on the water. For those seeking an affordable entry into electric sup without compromising performance, the Boost Surfing’s Boost Fin is an unbeatable choice.

2. JOBE E-Duna

The JOBE E-Duna, a recent standout in electric sups, brings a fresh dimension to paddle boarding. Merging an electric motor with a pump, it reaches 3.1 mph, offering up to three hours of smooth sailing. This board is a dream for newcomers and seasoned paddlers alike, thanks to its Heat Bonded Construction and cozy EVA foam pad. Lightweight and easy to manage, courtesy of its 8″ EZ Lock Fins, the E-Duna shines in providing extra support for long tours and challenging winds.

While it excels in many areas, the E-Duna’s premium price and modest speed in the motorized paddle board category might give some pause. Its 8-hour battery recharge time calls for patience. Yet, these points are offset by its solid build, generous 3-year warranty, and various accessories, making it a valuable investment for serene and extended water escapades.

3. Onean Manta

Step into the world of the Onean Manta, where stability, power, and a family-friendly design coalesce. This motorized paddle board is a haven for those who cherish calm, lengthy water journeys. With a wide and robust structure, it provides exceptional stability, making it a solid choice for any paddler.

Boasting a top speed of 10mph and a remarkable 6-hour battery life, the Onean Manta sets new benchmarks for enduring water adventures. Its size, perfect for family or group trips, also means a slight decrease in speed and maneuverability. Yet, this board, complete with all essential accessories, embodies the essence of leisurely, luxurious paddle boarding. For those seeking an unparalleled motorized paddle board experience, the Onean Manta offers a blend of features that is hard to match.

4. SipaDrive 1.0 Allrounder

At $2,530, the SipaDrive 1.0 Allrounder is more than just a surfboard with motor; it’s a versatile voyager on the water. Crafted from superior MSL material, it supports up to 140 kg, welcoming solo riders and those with companions or extra gear. Its robustness doesn’t compromise comfort, thanks to the snake-skin EVA foam grip.

With a 144 Wh battery offering 3 hours of ride time, it’s perfect for both relaxing cruises and spirited surfing. As the sun sets, its LED lights guide your way, blending safety with style. The onboard compressor is a boon for easy inflation. For those seeking a paddleboard that adapts to various water adventures, the SipaDrive 1.0 Allrounder is a top-tier choice, offering a blend of durability, comfort, and versatility.

5. Sipa Smart

The Sipa Smart, made for the discerning adventurer, is not just any electric SUP; it’s a 12-foot marvel designed for diverse water environments. Its dual-purpose motor doubles as a propulsion unit and an automatic pump, simplifying your journey into the waters. This board, with its three-speed gear system, is tailored for all, from beginners to seasoned paddlers.

Despite its innovative features, the Sipa Smart has its idiosyncrasies. The maximum speed comes with a bit of noise, and the absence of a central handle is balanced by a practical shoulder strap. The pump’s 14.1 PSI limit may not reach the highest pressures, but it still offers ample firmness for a stable ride. With these points considered, the Sipa Smart stands out as a solid choice for those seeking a reliable, innovative surfboard with motor for their next water adventure.

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6. Torque e-Paddle

The Torque e-Paddle iSUP, priced for family fun and eco-conscious adventurers, redefines the traditional inflatable paddle board. It combines the ease of an electric surfboard with the familiarity of a paddle board, hitting speeds of up to 11mph. With a 5-hour battery life, it’s perfect for those lengthy excursions on the water.

Crafted for durability and stability, the Torque e-Paddle uses advanced dropstitch technology. Its central jet drive system ensures a smooth ride, and the unique smartphone or smartwatch control adds a modern twist. Suitable for up to 160kg (352lbs), it’s a fantastic choice for duos or solo paddlers. Compact and portable, this board is a great fit for all skill levels, especially for those looking to step up their paddle boarding game with a motorized edge.

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7. TAHE E-Breeze Performer

At $2,610, the TAHE E-Breeze Performer is tailored for paddlers seeking extra comfort and propulsion in challenging conditions. This board is a pioneer in the evolution of SUP, offering a blend of effortless gliding and playful fun. It’s perfect for those looking to conquer flat water and small waves without the usual challenges of stand-up paddleboarding.

Featuring ACE-TEC technology, this board is both strong and light. Its fully integrated brushless motor, part of the Motion Core drive unit, provides intelligent assistance up to 5km/hour. With a waterproof Li-ion battery lasting 1-3 hours, your journey on the water is uninterrupted. The three-speed remote control, attachable to your paddle or wrist, keeps you in command. Plus, with the Motion Core Technology app, you can manage your engine power on the go. The TAHE E-BREEZE PERFORMER is more than just a SUP; it’s an enhanced water experience with an ergonomic design, weighing 18 kg and measuring 350 cm.

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In wrapping up our top list of the best electric SUPs in the world, remember that the right choice can make all the difference in your aquatic adventures. Regular care and maintenance of your board, especially the battery, will keep your rides smooth and enjoyable. Consider your paddling style, the waters you’ll be conquering, and the features that speak to you. Whether you’re just dipping your toes in or you’re a seasoned wave rider, the ideal electric SUP is out there waiting for you. So, are you ready to pick your perfect partner from these top-notch contenders and dive into a world where relaxation meets thrill? Let the journey begin!

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