What Sheets Are Better Than Egyptian Cotton? 

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It’s no secret that many of us are struggling to get enough sleep these days. One study reveals that four in 10 adults report falling asleep unintentionally during the day one or more times a month. If lack of rest is interfering with your ability to work, study, or simply enjoy life, it might be time to rethink your routine. And a good sleep routine starts with the place you’re resting your body every night.

A key part of any bed, sheets come into regular and prolonged contact with your skin. So sheets that aren’t meeting your needs can result in a night of tossing and turning. Still, with so many bedding options on the market, many of us struggle to decide which sheet is right for our tastes and budget. If you’ve been searching for better bedding, the odds are good that the phrase “Egyptian cotton” has cropped up. But exactly how does this fabric compare to others available? What sheets are better than Egyptian cotton, if any? Keep reading to learn more about bedding selection and discover which option is right for you and your loved ones. 

Why Sheet Material Matters

Mattresses get a lot of attention in the world of sleep science and for good reason. After all, a saggy or overly stiff mattress can leave you with back pain and other issues. However, if you don’t make bedding selection an equal priority, you’re unlikely to get sufficient rest. 

Sheets in particular play a key element in sleep, as they’re the bedding item that comes into the most contact with your skin. If your sheets are too heavy, they’ll likely trap heat. As a result, you might wake up in the middle of the night soaked in sweat. Similarly, sheets that are too light or threadbare could cause you to feel a chill. 

Additionally, the comfort of sheets can affect whether you rest easy or toss and turn. Sheets made from lesser-quality materials are prone to ripping, tearing, and pilling. Naturally, it’s hard to sleep if your sheets are rough when they brush against your skin. On the other hand, those who prefer sheets to feel crisp and fresh may not sleep well if bedding is overly silky. Ultimately, the perfect sheet is the one that works for you. 

The Market’s Top Materials for Sheets

So how do you go about choosing a sheet set that suits both your needs and your budget? The first step is familiarizing yourself with the various sheet materials on the market. Below are the top bedding choices you’ll find online or stocking the shelves of your local big box store:


Increasingly popular, bamboo sheets offer numerous benefits to sleepers. Along with being soft to the touch, bamboo sheets are moisture wicking and breathable. Still, there are some downsides to choosing this bedding fabric. The fact is that most bamboo sheets you see in stores are bamboo rayon. The chemicals used in manufacturing these sheets destroy many of the bamboo’s natural properties. Additionally, some customers note that bamboo tends to wrinkle easier than cotton. And because it’s generally available in a limited number of colors, bamboo may not be ideal for those with more specific decorative goals. 


Another popular choice in the bedding world, polyester tends to win fans due to its low price point. However, the reduced price tag tends to come with a less comfortable end product. A synthetic fabric, polyester is less breathable than options like cotton, linen, and bamboo. It can also be rough to the touch. If you love the feel of light, silky sheets against your skin, polyester may not be the ideal option. 


An ancient bedding option, linen was first used in Ancient Egypt. Thicker than cotton but with a lower thread count, linen is both cool and hypoallergenic. However, linen sheets are known for wrinkling, so those who appreciate the look of a smooth, perfectly made bed may not be satisfied with this option. Additionally, linen sheets are rougher than other options. If you want sheets that feel like silk against the skin, linen sheets might leave you tossing and turning. Moreover, sleepers have reported that linen bedding tends to shed.

Short-Staple Cotton

Cotton is one of the most common bedding choices. However, it’s worth noting that not all types of cotton are created equal. When choosing a sheet set, it pays to consider the variety of cotton used in the manufacturing process. Many sheets are crafted with short-staple cotton fibers. Referring to yarn made from short staple fibers, short staple cotton tends to result in bedding that’s rough to the touch and susceptible to pilling. Additionally, many short staple sheet sets feature multi-ply yarn, which is crafted by twisting two or three strands of low-end thread together. The result is a fabric that’s less breathable and more prone to tearing. 

Egyptian Cotton

Widely regarded as the highest-quality cotton for sale, Egyptian cotton sheets are also one of the best sheet materials available. Manufactured using extra-long staple cotton fibers, Egyptian cotton is strong and supple. So it’s less prone to breaking, tearing, and pilling, and maintains its softness after even hundreds of washes. Additionally, customers can choose from two different weaves. While the three over, one under weave of sateen is ideal for those who enjoy the feel of silk on their skin, those who love a crisper bedding option will be drawn to percale. 

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Getting to Know Egyptian Cotton

So how exactly do Egyptian cotton sheets differ from other bedding options? The strength of Egyptian cotton is one of the biggest selling points, as it creates a sheet that won’t have to be replaced as frequently. So customers save both time and money shopping for new bedding. And of course, a sheet that resists ripping and pilling is less likely to cause issues while you sleep. If you want to avoid rashes and discomfort, Egyptian cotton is a wise choice. 

Additionally, Egyptian cotton sheets win converts because of their breathability. It’s easy to become overheated while you sleep. Whether you suffer from night sweats or are simply a hot sleeper, sheets made from Egyptian cotton offer the airflow you need to stay cool and dry. This is due in part to the fact that Egyptian cotton is moisture wicking, so it soaks up sweat rather than leaving it to pool on you or your clothing. 

It’s worth noting that the benefits of Egyptian cotton go beyond the practical. Those who prize aesthetics in the bedroom will also be drawn to this fabric, which is known for its absorbency. Because Egyptian cotton holds dyes well, you don’t have to worry about your bedding bleeding or fading in the wash. To maintain your Egyptian cotton sheets’ vibrancy, be sure to wash them in cold water using a mild liquid detergent. While line drying sheets is best, it’s fine to put them in the dryer provided that you use a gentle setting. For best results, avoid washing bedding with clothes, as buttons and zippers can damage the fabric. 

Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The good news is sheet shoppers have options when it comes to selecting the best Egyptian cotton sheets for their needs. Here are a few of the luxurious offerings currently available in Pure Parima online shop:

Ultra Sateen Sheet Set

A new addition to the Pure Parima catalog, the Ultra Sateen Sheet Set is ideal for those who prize both comfort and aesthetics. A simple single needle stitch set with clean lines, this product is elevated by a luxurious sheen that’s sure to draw the eye. Available in classic hues like Ivory and Charcoal, the collection comes in sizes queen, king, and California king. It’s a great choice for master suites as well as guest rooms. 

Triple Luxe Sateen Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

A sateen sheet set with modern elegance, the Triple Luxe Sateen Collection features a subtle stripe pattern set against a creamy backdrop. With stripe shades ranging from Arctic to Gold and even Teal, there’s sure to be an option to meld with your current bedroom decor. Crafted from hand-picked Egyptian cotton, this collection – which includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two coordinating pillowcases – gets extra opulence thanks to the triple embroidered stitching and sateen weave. Pick one up in sizes queen, king, or California king. 

Ultra Percale Sheet Set | Hotel Collection

Sateen isn’t for everyone, of course. Those who appreciate the fresh-washed feel of hotel sheets will surely be drawn to the Ultra Percale Sheet Set. Calming and sleek, the collection is extra cooling thanks to the one over, one under percale fabric. Customers can choose from colors White, Ivory, Slate, and Carbon for this set that’s available in sizes twin through king and Cal king. 

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Discover the Benefits of Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is an ideal option for those seeking a silky, healthful night’s rest. But how do you ensure the products you’re purchasing are the real deal? For best results, customers should seek out products with the Cotton Egypt Association seal on the package. This label proves that bedding is crafted from 100 percent pure Egyptian cotton picked by hand in the Nile River Valley. Along with selling only pure cotton bedding, Pure Parima ensures all items are OEKO-TEX certified. So buyers can feel confident their bedding is free from harmful substances and chemicals. The last thing you want to do when you’re trying to fall asleep is worry that your bedding is less than healthy. Ready to get a great night’s sleep? Shop our new arrivals today and start designing a bedroom that fits your needs. 

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