The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5: Spellbinding Tales of Gilead

Handmaid's Tale Season 5

The Handmaid’s Tale is a groundbreaking and thought-provoking series that airs on Hulu.

It is adapted from the book by Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel to life. Season 5 of the series aired between September and November 2022.

Since then, the production process has been in a constant state of delay due to SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes.

Fans of the dystopian series are waiting for the final season of The Handmaid Tale saga for some closure.

Recap of Season 5

Before exploring what to expect from Season 6, here is a short recap of the events of Season 4 and 5.

June Osborne, the protagonist, is played by Elisabeth Moss. Miss Osborn continues the fight to get her daughter Hannah back, who is now known as Agnes and lives with her new parents, McKenzie.

The deal has changed for June Osborn. Not only does she want her daughter back, but she also intends to bring harm to Gilead in such a way that neither June nor Hannah ever has to suffer again.

While she has made it out of Gilead, she is meddling in every way possible to bring Hannah out.

Meanwhile, Canada, which was hosting all refugees of Gilead, is choking with the excessive influx of Gilead refugees and revolting.

Not the government but the people.

June, Moira, Emily, Rita, and Luke are facing massive backlash from the people. Things get ugly for them, and June has to run for her life with Nicole.

The season ends in a massive cliffhanger!

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Theme & Social Commentary

One of the core strengths of The Handmaid’s Tale is unabashedly brevity in talking about social and political issues.

The series has been a massive success in highlighting the plight of women and their choices that were crushed by the Trump regimen.

The women of today can relate with the women of Gilead for their choices being crushed by the men who should not have an opinion on their ovaries.

The series also discusses the plight of a totalitarian state where doctorial rules have no regard for life. Also, some of the shades of patriarchy got the light it deserves.

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Character Development

Each character of the series went through its character development. Some had developed in their role, while some were in the middle of a transition to another personality. And some are going through a revolt.

June Osborn, the protagonist, started as a headstrong woman and became the victim in Gilead due to her fertility. With time, she finds her roots in the totalitarian Gilead, formerly America.

With time, her rebellion and revolt had no bounds, and she finds herself blurring the line between rebel and manic; Gilead does that to a woman.

Serena Joy, another strong woman in the series, is the one who is going through a slow transformation.

Being the right hand of her husband, one of the sons of Jacob, she helped create Gilead. A few years down the line, she got the taste of her medicine and is now proceeding to a different character arc.

Nick Blaine, the driver slash Eye, has a strong presence in June’s life. He is now/was a Commander and helped June/Offred get away with tons.

Another person everyone seems to love (till season four) is Commander Lawernce. In season five, he forgets the promises he made to his dead wife and fixes the monster he created. But I have great hopes for him and his character.

The last mention is Aunt Lydia. I personally feel she will revolt. Her character development from a Rigid Aunt to a softer version – massive credits to Janine; she got through the tough façade of Aunt Lydia.   

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Resistance or May Day

I wouldn’t give credit to June for all the activities of May Day, but she sure became the symbol of Angel’s Flight.

There is a whole network of Marthas, Handmaids, some workers at grocery stores, the Jezebel’s hotel, and some Eyes.

Mostly Marthas and Handmaids were running these rebellious activities. It is all triggered to a massive level by Emily’s dilemma, June’s struggle to send her daughter (she conceived in Gilead) to Canada.

Many people made it out of the Gilead, and it was a massive system. Due to a lack of communication mediums (no phones, radio, internet, new paper), they were mostly secretive, slow, and discreet.      

Exploring Other Territories

The conceited version of pureness was tarnished inside the borders of Gilead. Jezebels were the perfect epitome of men and their habit of transgression.

In season five, you will see many rural homes and households rebelling against those norms.


Now that you are all up to speed with everything that went down in season five, let’s hope season six starts going in production mode. There is some news regarding season 6 of The Handmaid’s Tale.  

Blessed be the Fruit Loops!

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