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Henna Hair Dye

Are you ready to embark on a journey of transformation? This article is dedicated to all the blondes and the people who wanted to experience this amazing transformation.

Having dark hair for years and now choosing blonde hair dye is a major change, and we will leave this decision on you. However, we can help you achieve your dreamy transformation.

 This is also an alternative guide for blondes who want to maintain their blond hairs, but they are taking the revolutionary step of quitting all the chemical-based hair dyes.

That is why you are welcome to this ultimate guide to achieving salon-quality blonde hair from the comfort of your home. This step-by-step guide will help you achieve the goal of a sun-kissed balance or a vibrant platinum hue. Let’s dive into this article to unveil how you can get stunning blonde hair using henna hair dye at home.

What is blonde henna hair dye?

Blonde henna hair dye seems impossible. However, it is a long road from traditions to modernity. The answer to this question is that henna hair dye is blended with some other natural ingredients that are plant-based, like chamomile, rhubarb root, and marigold flower. These ingredients give the hair blonde tones. Henna itself is used as the base colour. The combination of henna and these plant-based ingredients creates a gentle way to dye hair blonde without using harsh chemicals.

Preparing for the dyeing process

Preparing for the dyeing process at home must seem confusing, but after reading this guide, you will be able to get ready for hair dye at home.

Let’s first discuss all the important things you will need in this process.


You need to choose a place where you can get enough lighting for dyeing your hair. So that you could check by yourself.


You will need a bowl in which you will mix your henna powder.

Blonde Henna Hair Dye Kit

You will need a proper henna hair dye kit, in which a plastic cap, a pair of hand gloves, and an applying brush should be available. Which will be the most convenient kit for dying hair at home?

Extra Tips

You will also need some hair pins and a hair clip to tie your hair after applying henna paste to it.

Blonde Henna Hair Dye Powder

Last but not least, choosing natural hair colouring is the most important thing for attaining sustainable beauty in this whole process. If you are able to choose the right hair colour, you will succeed. That is why you should always choose a trusted henna hair dye brand.

Now let’s discuss the next step of the application.

A step-by-step guide to applying blonde henna hair dye

Here is a step-by-step guide to applying blonde henna hair dye. Before jumping on to the final step of applying henna to hair

Pre-Preparation of Applicating Blonde Henna Hair Dye.

Let’s first discuss an important aspect that is mostly ignored by people, and ultimately, they fail to attain their desired shade. Let’s discuss the preparation for applying henna to hair.

Wash your hair properly.

Before applying henna hair dye, you need to wash your hair properly to wash off all the oil from your hair and get proper results. After washing, dry your hair properly using a blow dryer, or you can dry it naturally. It totally depends on the time you have. I would suggest that you let it dry completely by itself.

Patch test

It is important to complete a patch test before applying it to your hair. Apply the henna to a smaller part of your hair; if you don’t get any bad reactions, you are good to go.

After that, you are ready for the application.

Step #1

Take a bowl and pour the henna hair dye powder into it. As you know, at this time, you will need a liquid for mixing the powder and converting it into a fine paste.

You can choose anything, such as water, eggs, or anything with a liquid consistency; however, to dye your hair blonde, it is important to use water only because the other things can affect the results by changing the color. That is why you should pour water into your bowl and mix it well by using a hair dye brush from the hair dye kit. The paste should be thick and lump-free.

Step #2

Next, divide your hair into two equal parts. Tie your hair on one side with the help of a rubber band and pins. Make a bun if it is possible. On the other side, start dividing your hair into multiple small strips. And tie them with the help of rubber bands, converting your hair into bids.

Step #3

Now open the first hair bid and start applying henna paste properly. Repeat all these steps on the other side equally.

Step #4

After applying the henna paste properly, tie your hair into a bun and wear a plastic cap, which is available in the henna hair dye kit.

Step #5

Let the paste dry on your hair. It will take almost 2 to 3 hours for perfect results.

Step #6

When the henna hai dye is totally dried. Wash it properly using tap water. When you wash it properly, use a mild shampoo if it is needed.

Step #7

Let your hair dry completely, and voila, here is the perfect blonde hair that you have desired.

After care

Do not expose your hair directly to the sun because UV lights fade the colour of your hair. Use a hat or a scarf before exposing your hair directly to the sun.

Do not use harsh, chemical-based hair products.

Avoid hot hair styling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bleaching your hair before applying henna hair dye is necessary.

No, it is not necessary to bleach your hair before using henna hair dye because henna has the ability to stick the colour on your hair. However, if you have dark hair naturally, you will need mild bleaching before applying henna, just in case your blonde henna hair is dying.

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Henna hair dying is the traditional method. It is plant-based, which is why it is nourished with a bunch of benefits, such as repairing damaged hair, controlling dandruff, and preventing fungal and bacterial issues. Henna hair dye is a complete package of modernity and a way of gaining sustainable beauty.

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