10 Creative Ways to Add Storage Space to Your Home

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Storage Space

If you are looking for storage options, it is not necessary to clutter the space. You can expand storage space in your home in the following creative ways:

1. Buy Multi-Tasking Furniture:

Do you know why celebrity houses including Blueface house look always tidy and neat and not congested? It is because they use smart furniture that provides extra space for their stuff. You must have seen the same in many movies so you should use tables with drawers, freestanding cabinets, chair storage units, small chests, and other similar facilities. 

2. Use Decorative Display Boxes:

Using baskets and boxes is the best creative way to add storage to your home. You can use fabric-covered boxes, lidded jars, and colored bowls as well. All these items are ideal for storing small accessories like keys.

3. Transform Old Area:

If you have any dead space in your house, transform it in a smart way to add storage to your home. Now that you have found a space, you can add shelves there which provide ample space for your goods. 

4. Use Furniture as a Storage Space:

Many people utilize the space under the bed to store items that are not used frequently. If your closet doesn’t have much space then you can use it to store only seasonal clothes and put the rest of them in a storage box and hide them under the bed. A sofa cum bed is also a good option for you if you have a small house

5. Use Space Under Staircase:

The area below the staircase is often neglected but if you can utilize it smartly, it could provide a lot of storage space. You can use vertical drawers or shutters to hide whatever you are going to store in that area. 

6. Mount Hooks in Wall:

Another smart way to store your things is to use wall mounts in your entrance, bedroom, living room, or bathroom. You can even place hooks in the closet door to hang bags and other items that are taking up space. 

7. Install Floating Shelves:

Do not keep your walls empty, utilize them to store your belongings by installing floating shelves. By doing it, you will not only get the additional space but it will also enhance the look of your house when you place the decorative items here. You can also place plants and books on these shelves to give your interior a classy look.

8. Use Cabinet Organizer:

You can make more space inside the cabinets in the bathroom and kitchen by placing cabinet organizers. This will allow you to keep things organized and maximize the space so you can add more items without cluttering them.

9. Install Magnetic Board:

For your makeup items and other skin care products, you can install a magnetic board on your bathroom wall. 

10. Hang a rack:

If you want to free up your cabinet space, you can hang a pot rack from the ceiling in the kitchen.

Wrapping Up:

It is not necessary to spend money on buying expensive things just to get more storage space when you can do it by working smartly. The above shared creative ways will definitely save you time and money. You can read more Home Decor blogs to transform your home into a dreamy place.

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